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The wisdom of Kaadha has been passed down by generations, and for good reason.
This melange of extraordinary goodness combats a variety of health concerns and will have long lasting health benefits when consumed regularly.

The combined healing powers of black pepper, clove, ginger, turmeric and tulsi make this a potent concoction- vital to fight everyday ailments and avoid dangerous illnesses.
Having a cup of hot Kaadha everyday builds your immune system and shelters you from seasonal infections.

Add one drop for a mild taste and two for a stronger experience. The humble kaadha is your antidote for popping pills and temporary health fixes. This cup of goodness is the answer to countless ailments, and should find it’s place in your everyday routine,as recommended by Ayush Ministry.


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Nice biscuits - 24 biscuits
Fresh cream - ¼ kg
Powdered sugar - ½ cup
Pineapple slices - 1 small tin
Ginger Spice Drop™ - 3 drops
Milk - ½ cup
For Topping:
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Finely minced cashew nuts - 2 tbsp

Melt the sugar in a thick bottomed pan till it turns golden then add cashew nuts and pour on a well oiled wooden board or marble slab.
When cool, crush with a rolling pin and keep aside. Whip fresh cream over a bowl of ice till thick.Add sugar and Spice Drop™.
Chop the pineapple into tiny pieces, drain and add to cream and lightly moisten the biscuits with milk.Arrange 1/3 of the biscuits in the base of a rectangular glass dish and spread
1/3 of pineapple cream over it. Repeat layers, ending with cream.Sprinkle the topping over it and leave it in the fridge till firm (4-6 hrs.)
Serve cold.

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